Anti-Valentine's Day
Season 1, Episode 6
Anti-Valentine's Day
Production Info
Production Code 102B
Written by Dani Michaeli
Monica Ray
Nicholas Sumida
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Storyboarded by Monica Ray
Nicholas Sumida
Broadcast Info
Airdate April 12, 2015
Ratings 1.44 million

"Anti-Valentine's Day" is the sixth episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks


After being neglected by the others in the forest on Valentine's Day, Fee decides to make up her own holiday.


Always excluded from Valentine's Day festivities, Fee makes up her own holiday, Anti- Valentine's Day


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode marks Mikey's debut in the series.
  • This is the first holiday episode.
  • Despite the episode being a Valentine's Day episode, it didn't premiere in February.


  • In the shot where Harvey and his parents are walking up to the hole, Irving and Miriam's pupils reappear.
  • Foo's costume disappears at the end of the episode.
  • In "Pe-Choo!", Fee says she can't read. However, in this episode, she was able to clearly and fluently read the card Harvey made.


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The Rentl Bike, and Anti-Valentine's Day (credits)

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