Harvey Isn't Scary (103)
Species Goblin Spirit
Debut Technoscare
Voice Dana Snyder

The Blargus is a Halloween goblin spirit in Harvey Beaks.


The Blargus is a short purple goblin spirit with large pointy ears, pale yellow eyes with red slit pupils, two green spots on the right cheek of his face, small fangs, bushy eyebrows, and brown cloth with a strap of skulls around it. Whenever he flies, his legs disappear.


Because he is the spirit of Halloween, he would do whatever it takes to make mortals get their holiday spirit back.

Episode Appearances


  • Unlike his debut from "Harvey Isn't Scary", he is shown as a real character from "Technoscare".
  • He was voiced by Dana Snyder who also portrayed as Gazpacho from Chowder, C.H. Greenblatt's previous series.


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