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Christmas is Here
Ego Plum

"Chirstmas is Here" is a carol sung by the residents of Littlebark Grove throughout "It’s Christmas, You Dorks!" This song and "Old Man Winter's Here" are sung together as a quodlibet in the episode finale.


It's the time of the year for bringing good cheer
And singing and caroling
Christmastime is nearly here

We're stringing up lights in blues and in whites
Ev'rything has a glow
Children playing in the snow

There's prints on the snow in Littlebark Grove
There's cinnamon buns
and yummy things for everyone

There's presents to wrap and friends to ba-zap
So hold your applause
it's almost time for Santa Claus

Christmas is here, everyone cheer!


  • Dade shows a distaste for this song at the beginning of the episode.

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