Doctor Roberts Appearances Gallery
Doctor Roberts
Dr. Roberts
Full Name Doctor Roberts
Species Owl
Age Late 30s/early 40s
Family Princess (daughter)

Ms. Robert (wife,deceased)

Debut The Spitting Tree
Voice Matt Berry (episodes 101B, 106B, 110B, & 112A)
Jeff Glenn Bennett (106B & 119A - current)

Doctor Roberts is Princess' father.


He is friendly but eccentric. He and Princess live in a Japanese-styled house. He has a weird obsession with crystals, and he likes to meditate during his free time. He has a very high opinion of his daughter, and it seems that he will pretty much do anything to show everybody how "great" she is.


  • Doctor Roberts is the drummer in Irving's band, "The Sillies".
  • Jeff Glenn Bennett replaces Matt Berry as the voice of Doctor Roberts since "Steamgate".
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