Plum during a recording session for Harvey Beaks

Ego Plum (born February 27, 1975) is an award-winning American composer, musician and producer based out of Los Angeles, California. He serves as composer for Harvey Beaks, of which his work with the series is of particular note for its use of a 40-piece orchestra, making it the first cartoon in Nickelodeon history to feature a full orchestral score.

Plum has composed original music for numerous film and stage productions, radio bumpers, television commercials and even fashion shows. He has scored several animated series for both Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, most notably the short-lived Making Fiends for the former and the ending theme of Star vs. the Forces of Evil for the latter. Plum is also a multi-instrumentalist who has performed and recorded with many notable bands and musicians including David J (Bauhaus), Black Francis (Pixies), Gidget Gein (Marilyn Manson) and the Grammy-nominated metal band Green Jellÿ, as well as recording and releasing his own music with the ten-piece experimental ensemble The Ebola Music Orchestra. Since 2012, Plum has been working with Danny Elfman in co-composing the score for Forbidden Zone 2, the sequel to Elfman's 1980 cult musical film Forbidden Zone.

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