Fee's Furry Frenzied Fury
A Tail of Les Squirrels (25)
Ego Plum
Length 1:12
"Fee's Furry Frenzied Fury" is a punk rock soundtrack played during Fee's, Kratz's, Claire's, and Dade's fight with Les Squirrels in order to save Harvey in "A Tail of Les Squirrels".

A Word From the Composer

In my mind the musical work of, say, a John WIlliams or Bernard Herrmann is no more valid than the songs of a hardcore punk band like the Dead Kennedys. I could argue that I’ve been moved to action more by punk rock than anything in a classical repertoire. There is something to be said about music that makes you want to get punched in the face (or punch someone else in the face).

In the case of this fight sequence where a blind-with-rage Fee brings the ruckus to the unsuspecting squirrels, it was important to create a sound that would match her anger and all the ridiculous action on the screen. Perusing the mental musical rolodex brought a few things to light: an amalgam of DEVO-esque synthesizers, some surf-rock elements,  the beginning of THE DICKIES, “Curb Job,” and particularly the song, “Too Drunk to F*ck” by the DEAD KENNEDYS. My job was to create a new piece of music that captured the feel & energy of these songs (while not stealing any of them) and applying it to  Fee’s furry frenzied fury. This was lots of fun to write and perform!

-Ego Plum

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