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Fee Appearances Gallery

This is a gallery of images featuring Fee from episodes 1 - 13 of Season 1.

Season 1


The Spitting Tree

The Finger

The Negatives of Being Positively Charged

The Rentl Bike

Anti-Valentine's Day

Nightclub Night

The Rebel

Harvey's First Scar

The Nature of Nature

A Tail of Les Squirrels

Someone's Stealing My Stuff

Comet Night!

The Ghost Problem

Princess is Better Than You

The Almighty Foo

Old-Fashioned Dade

The Sleepover's Over

Certified Babysitter

Fee's Haircut

Harvey's Favorite Book

Dad Band

Foo's Panic Room

A Day of No To-Do

Recipe for Disaster

Randl's Scandl

King of Pranks

Night Maid

Icky Chicky

Buds Before Studs

Harvey Fights Kratz



Le Corn Maze... of DOOM!

Harvey Isn't Scary

Concept Art

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