Hair to Help
Season 2, Episode 37
Hair to Help
Production Info
Production Code 225B
Written by Amalia Levari
William Reiss
Directed by Januel Mercado
Derek Evanick
William Reiss
Storyboarded by Ashlyn Anstee
William Reiss
Broadcast Info
Airdate December 21, 2017 (Nicktoons)
Ratings TBA

"Hair to Help" is an upcoming Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks[1]


Tara has lost her creative inspiration for hairstyling so Piri Piri and Harvey help her to rediscover her passion.




Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is Tara's first and only major role.
  • This is first appearance of Tara's Hair Parlour since "Fee's Haircut".
  • This is the eleventh and last episode where Fee and Foo are absent.
  • This is Jackie Slitherstein's first appearance since "Fee & Foo's First Birthday".
  • It is revealed that Jackie Slitherstein wears a wig.


  • When Tara meets herself from the 80s, she wears a pink headband and Tara from the 80s wears an orange headband. During one shot, the colors of the headbands are switched.


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