Harvey's Favorite Book
Season 1, Episode 22
Harvey's Favorite Book
Production Info
Production Code 111B
Written by Amalia Levari
Aaron Austin
Hannah Ayoubi
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Storyboarded by Aaron Austin
Hannah Ayoubi
Broadcast Info
Airdate July 18, 2015
Ratings 0.86 million

"Harvey's Favorite Book" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks.


Harvey feels jealous when all the children fall in love with his favorite detective book series.


Harvey finishes reading the second book of the Detective Dirk series. Then he goes to tell everyone about how great it was. However, everyone didn't seem interested except for Piri Piri after sharing it with her. Because Piri Piri is so fascinated by the Detectvie Dirk series, she decided to tell everyone else, resulting in everyone loving it. Piri Piri also wrote a letter to Jackie Sliverstein, the author of Detective Dirk, to come and visit the library release party for the third book of the Detective Dirk series at the library.

The next morning, Harvey dressed himself as Detective Dirk as he is prepared to meet Jackie Slitherstein until he saw other kids also wanting to meet his favorite author. This actually disappoints him, because he wanted the Detective Dirk series to be his own hobby. Then Miriam introduce the kids to Jackie Slitherstein. The author called out Piri Piri and mentioned how much she loves her mystery novel series. But just as Piri Piri was about to share her credit with Harvey, Jackie interrupted her and got the rest of the children to be part of the fan club. Harvey sadly walked out of the library where Fee and Foo found him moping on the stoop. Randl and his mother showed up to deliver a package containing the third and final volume of Detective Dirk. Harvey was about to bring the books in the library, but Fee and Foo suggest hiding it to avoid sharing them with others.

Back in the library, Jackie started writing her autographs on kids' foreheads. Later, after Harvey hid the box of books, Piri Piri appeared in front of him and joyfully introduced him to Jackie Slitherstein. She also sadly told him that the books Miriam ordered for the library never showed up leaving the other children feeling down. Harvey suggests that he and his friends should put their junior detective skills to the test and find the missing books. After finding the package full of the Detective Dirk books, Harvey confessed that he is the culprit and how selfish he was. Jackie Slitherstein quickly forgave him due to her benevolent nature and completely understands how much Harvey loved her book series. She even offered him another novel series she is starting to write about, but he humbly declined. With the last book found by Piri Piri, she and Harvey begin sharing it together as they sit next to their friends reading happily.


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  • This episode, along with Fee's Haircut was originally supposed to air on May 3rd, but they were both delayed to July 18.
  • According to Fee and Foo, they stash away their stuff in trees to avoid sharing them with others.
  • This is the first episode to feature a special guest star, that being RuPaul.

Cultural References 

  • Claire and Princess's argument over whether Monocle Marla would end up with either Trevor Zamboni or Detective Dirk (along with their "Team Dirk" and "Team Trevor" shirts) is a reference to the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob phenomenon from the Twilight franchise.


  • In one scene where he was socializing with Dade, Kratz's voice sounded deeper. But later, the tone of his voice returned to normal. According to Greenblatt on Tumblr, the tone of Kratz's voice being deep was due to his actor going through puberty.[1]


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