[The episode starts off at Harvey's house, the twins enter the bathroom]

Fee: Hey Harvey. What are you doing in the bathroom? You taking a bath?

Foo: Whoa! [scene shows Harvey rubbing moisturizer on his head}

Harvey: Oh, hey guys. Just doing my daily moisturizing. [Rubs head] It's important to keep your skin hydrated. [Uses too much moisturizer] Aw, man. Here Fee. [Rubs it on Fee's skin] I think you need this. You're skin looks like a desert. [Notices scar] Whoa, that's cool!

Fee: Oh, this scar? I got it from wrestling with a giant. [Flashback] Alright dude, you wanna go? You wanna go? I don't think you wanna go. [Giant kicks Fee, back at present time, Fee chuckles] It was fun.

Foo: I got a scar too! [Points at scar on chest] This one's from hugging a wolverine trap, and this one's for hugging a wolverine! [Shows three scars on the back of the head]

Harvey: Whoa.

Fee: What about you? I bet you have some cool stories about your scars.

Harvey: Oh, why, yeah, sure I do. [Lifts shirt] I got a birth mark in the shape of a mermaid. [The twins look closely]

Foo: That's really pretty!

Fee: No, Harvey. That's not a real scar.

Harvey: I bet I have scars all over the place! [Takes off shirt, looks in mirror, Fee looks]

Fee: Nope. Definitely no scars there. [Harvey takes off pants, Fee looks] Nothing down there either. I hate to break it to you buddy, you're smooth as a newborn baby.

Harvey: Aw man, I can't believe it. This needs to be fixed immediately! [Takes cloths] Right after I put these back on. [Scene cuts to title card, scene goes to Harvey's room, Harvey trying to give himself a paper cut, grunting] Dang it!

Fee: Dude, you're never gonna get a scar that way. Unless you like, pass out from boredom and hit your head on a sword, or something. Do you have a sword around here? Let me find you a sword.

Foo: Why do you want a scar so bad?

Harvey: I mean, you guys are cool, and you have a bunch of scars. And I'm REALLY cool, and I don't have any. Just seems like I should catch up, you know?

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