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Welcome to the Harvey Beaks Wiki, a wiki for the upcoming animated comedy series Harvey Beaks on Nickelodeon! Harvey Beaks is a good kid on a mission to have fun, and nothing can stand in his way! Well, except for the fact that he irons his bed sheets and is always on time. Will his best friends, Fee and Foo, be able to help Harvey tap into his wild side? From fighting a gang of squirrels to stealing bikes from Randl the grumpy raccoon, there are tons of adventures to be had in Bigbark Woods. Harvey, Fee and Foo are ready to cause some trouble and have a blast along the way. Are YOU?

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  • March 2015: The show's trailer has been released and will premiere on March 29th, 2015!
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March 28th, 2015
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Harvey Beaks 'What's That Thing?' Sneak Peek Clip Nick01:16

Harvey Beaks 'What's That Thing?' Sneak Peek Clip Nick

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