Harvey Fights Kratz
Season 1, Episode 32
Harvey Fights Kratz
Production Info
Production Code 116B
Written by Kevin A. Kramer
Tyler Chen
Colin Heck
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Colin Heck
Storyboarded by Tyler Chen
Niki Yang
Broadcast Info
Airdate November 6, 2015
Ratings 1.23 million

"Harvey Fights Kratz" is the thirty-second episode of the Season 1 of Harvey Beaks.


When Harvey and Kratz have a minor disagreement, Rooter and Technobear train Harvey and Kratz to fight each other.


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Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • It is revealed that Miriam used to be in street fights.
  • It is revealed that Rooter and Technobear learn that men resolve their differences by fighting from their dads.


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