[The episode starts at Wetbark Lake with the kids laughing and playing in the water, with a couple building sand castles, and Princess sun bathing, two more kids get into the lake, and a little water splashes at Kratz, who is looking up at the clouds, Fee splashes Harvey]

Harvey: Don't splash me so much. [Kratz looks up at the clouds which appear to look like a scary face]

Kratz: Whoa. [Harvey gets out and dries off]

Harvey: Hey Kratz. How come you ain't swimming, buddy?

Kratz: Harvey, look. There's a scary face in the clouds. [Harvey looks up]

Harvey: Hmm...Kratz, I don't see...oh, wait a second. I do see it. [Scene shows scary face] Yeah Kratz, I see it. [Camera zooms out making it look like it's a horse] Yeah, it's a horsy head!

Kratz: No, it's a scary face. And I'm pretty sure he's laughing at me. [Scary face/horsy head laughs echoey] Harvey, as a friend, you have very poor eye-sight.

Rooter and Technobear: OH!

Technobear: We got an argument over here.

Rooter: Two friends disagreeing. Right over here. [People chattering excitedly at the argument, and look]

Harvey: [Nervously] Oh no, What's happening?

Rooter: Kratz just dissed you, Harvey. Making you look like a fool.

Harvey: Oh, guys. We're just talking about the cloud that looks like a horse.

Kratz: It looks like a face,

Technobear: You two friends are having a little argue meant, so we're gonna help you get through it.

Rooter: So that way, you'll stay friends.

Harvey: are you gonna do that?

Rooter and Technobear: You guys gotta fight! [Scene cuts to title card, scene goes back to Harvey]

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