Hot Cider

"Hot Cider" is a song performed by Harvey as a way of explaining to Fee and Foo about the benefits of living indoors in "The Storm".


Harvey: Out here in the trees, you can do as you please, Mother Nature is your provider.

You might think it's bliss, but there's one thing you've missed, and that my friends is hot cider.

Hot cider.

So move in with me, and my family, not just for an overnighter.

We'll sit by the fire, you'll get warmer and drier, and Mom will make us hot cider.

We can eat lots of stuff, there's always enough, food you can put inside ya.

Nights don't seem so long, nothing goes wrong, as long as you've got hot cider.

Hot cider.

So follow me down, to the middle of town, when you're dry, you'll feel much lighter.

You don't need a lot, as long as you've got four walls, a roof, and hot cider.