[This episode starts at the Littlebark hospital, Miriam groaning]

Irving: Come on Miriam, you're almost there. Just one more PUSH! [Miriam continues groaning, and eventually gets the jar of pretzels open]

Miriam: Why do they make these so hard to open?!

Irving: Ah thanks, honey.

Miriam: So, anything?

Irving: Still taking his time. [Egg starts to shake, Miriam and Irving gasp, the egg begins to crack, turns over, and breaks in half revealing Harvey]

Miriam: There he is. There's our Harvey. [Irving wimperes, Scene shows the halves of the egg being stacked, and Harvey puts the remains in, Irving picks him up and shows Chicky]

Irving: Here you go, little guy. A chicky chicky chicky. [Harvey takes Chicky]

Harvey: Chicky.

Miriam: Aw. [Irving cries] Irving, come on.

Irving: OK, yeah. [Scene goes to Harvey inside his crib sleeping, and drools on Chicky, the scene then goes to when Harvey is older, playing with Chicky, he squeezes him, and an eyes falls out, scene goes to the birthday cake at the table where Harvey blows out the candles witch sends Chicky on fire]

Harvey: Oh. [Scene then goes to bed where Harvey tucks Chicky in] I love you, Chicky [Smootches him, then goes to sleep, scene cuts to title card, scene goes to present day Harvey outside his house with Piri Piri playing with toys, Harvey talks for the toy] Hello, miss. I am Dr. Thompson. I'm well-versed in ancient languages, and also, I love basketball.

Piri Piri: [Talks for her toy] I'm Katie-Maurie, I'm really sensitive. I can feel the cosmos. [The twins approach]

Fee: Hey guys.

Harvey: Hey, did you bring some toys to play with?

Fee: I don't have a toy, [Takes out stick] so I brought this stick.

Foo: I don't have a toy, so I brought a Kratz. [Gets Kratz out of the sack]

Kratz: Not the first time I've been used.

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