Jackie Slitherstein
Jackie Slitherstein
Species Snake
Debut Harvey's Favorite Book
Voice RuPaul

Jackie Slitherstein is a minor character in Harvey Beaks. She is the author of the Detective Dirk book series. [1]


Jackie Slitherstein is a female snake with light green hair and arms. She wears a lavender glasses, a pair of hair sticks, mahogany dress, gold bracelet around her right hand, amethyst ring on the finger of her left hand, and printed scarf.


Calling herself the "Mother of All Imagination," Jackie is rather vain and ostentatious. In spite of this, she is not rude in any way towards the children who come to see her at the library. She is also easily forgiving, as shown when Harvey admits that he was hoarding a box of her latest Detective Dirk books because of his obsession for her mystery novels.


Harvey Beaks -


  • Jackie is the first character to be voiced by a guest celebrity, said being RuPaul.


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