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Jeremy Appearances Gallery
Full Name Jeremy
Species Unidentified
Family Unidentified
Debut Pe-Choo!
Voice C.H. Greenblatt

Jeremy is a character in Harvey Beaks. He resides in Bigbark Woods.


Jeremy appears to be some sort of elephant creature. He is rather shaggy, with light beige fur covering most of his body, excluding his red and white polka dotted mushroom. He also has a long trunk and large feet. In the episode "Bag of Naughty", it was revealed that he wears the cap of a mushroom to cover a large scar on his head that he got after playing with a Barkquiose Plant Pods.


Jeremy is quite peace loving and can be easily scared.


  • His voice resembles to Mickey Mouse's.
  • As shown in "Nightclub Night", Jeremy works at Club Mulch as a bar runner.
  • As shown in "Pe-Choo!", Jeremy likes doing card tricks.
  • Jeremy is the lead singer in Irving's band, "The Sillies."
  • It was revealed in "Foofee" that Jeremy has legs, it is just hidden by his fur.
  • In "The New Bugaboo", it is shown that Jeremy has green eyes.
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