King of Pranks
Season 1, Episode 27
King of Pranks
Production Info
Production Code 114B
Written by Shane Houghton
Charlie Gavin
Chris Houghton
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Chris Houghton
Storyboarded by Charlie Gavin
Chris Houghton
Broadcast Info
Airdate September 18, 2015
Ratings 1.83 million

"King of Pranks" is the twenty-seventh episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks.


Harvey pulls off the biggest prank on Littlebark Grove, but does not want to upset anyone with the truth.


Irving is putting together a dresser for the Egg when he hits his finger by mistake. Irving yells "mother of..." And then Harvey comes in with a sandwich and says "Hey, Dad.". Irving asks Harvey if he did something to the sandwich as Harvey said "pranked ya!" Harvey runs off and his mom is doing house chores. She goes to do the dishes and they're all clean. Harvey says he pranked her. Miriam goes off to do the laundry. Fee and Foo climb in the window asking what's so funny. Fee asks if someone got hurt. Harvey says he pulled off the best prank of all time. Fee asks Foo if they should say something about this. Foo says "yes". Fee tells Harvey that's not a prank. The twins take Harvey out to teach him about pranks. After that, Harvey informs everyone in Littlebark to form a line to wait for a cool surprise. Fee tells Harvey to go ask everyone what thay hope the surprise is. Piri Piri says she hopes it's a party on a rainbow. An old lady says she'd like to have flying powers. M.J says 1 million dollars. Harvey trys to run away but everyone follows him. Harvey hides inside and trys to find out how to tell them the truth. Fee says no and Foo says he will get beat up if he does. Harvey goes out to tell the truth. Harvey did not get beaten up but did make his friends sad. Harvey goes out and gives pranks his own way. Foo then trys to chew shock gum, And zaps himself.


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