Leaf it to Kathy
Season 2, Episode 44
Leaf it to Kathy
Production Info
Production Code 223A
Written by Amalia Levari
Hannah Ayoubi
Celestino Marina
Chris Pianka
Directed by Januel Mercado
Derek Evanick
William Reiss
Storyboarded by Hannah Ayoubi
Celestino Marina
Chris Pianka
Broadcast Info
Airdate December 28, 2017 (Nicktoons)
Ratings TBA

"Leaf it to Kathy" is an upcoming Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks.[1]


Kathy hosts an online advice show and helps Kratz find his love.




Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the second episode with Kathy's name in the title. The first was "Kathy with a K".
  • As of this episode, Kratz and Kathy are officially a couple.
  • It is revealed that Mikey had a crush on Kathy.
  • Kathy continues making her Leaf Haul videos and her Leaf Club from "Kathy with a K".
  • This is the eighth episode where Fee and Foo are absent.


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