Love Me To Me
Buds Before Studs (9)
Ego Plum
Length 0:54
(Starts at 0:20)
"Love Me To Me" is the song played during Claire's anime-styled love fantasy in "Buds Before Studs".


Love me to me
love me to you
you do me love to you

Beach in the sand
oyster and yams
making friendship to you

We never split
I hashtag commit
I'll never forget to you

Me and you in the jail of heartbeat
together for you and me

Friendship like an oyster it hide
little love pearl live shiny inside

Love me to me
love me to you
you do me love to you

Love me to me to me!

A Word From the Composer

I love absurdity. I love to #commit to absurd ideas and see them through to the very end. I love that Nickelodeon allows me to do such things. This little ballad for Foo & Claire from the Harvey Beaks episode "Buds Before Studs" is a great example of this. I originally wrote some nice lyrics in English but then I decided to send them through the Google translation app and turn them in to Japanese. I then took those Japanese lyrics and ran them through the app again to turn them back into English. I may have done it one more time, but I don’t remember now. What resulted was a perfect nonsensical mess. I then asked my lovely assistant John Nobori to sing it. Finally, I delivered it to the studio and Voila! “Love Me to Me” ends up on television for millions of children to enjoy and collectively scratch their heads.



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