Night Maid
Season 1, Episode 29
Night Maid
Production Info
Production Code 115A
Written by Kevin A. Kramer
Madeleine Flores
Colin Heck
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Colin Heck
Storyboarded by Madeleine Flores
Colin Heck
Broadcast Info
Airdate October 2, 2015
Ratings 1.43 million

"Night Maid" is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks.


Harvey becomes a superhero to save Littlebark Grove from the rising tide of trash and litter.


After noticing that there is trash everywhere in Littlebark, Harvey becomes a superhero named Night Maid to clean it all up. But he is told that the source of all the trash is because of a trash monster called the Big Messer. He looks for it, but finds out that it is not real. He feels bad and quits being Night Maid. But in order to cheer him up, Fee and Foo have Jeremy dress up as the Big Messer so Harvey can fight it. Harvey then gains his confidence back.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • It is revealed that the name of the male deer is Richard.


  • When Harvey says "All this cleaning is really making a big difference", his beak disappears for a split second.


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