Pink Sherry

“Ahahah Thanks Harvey!”

Pink Sherries are Harvey's favorite drink that debuted in "The Sleepover's Over" when he makes them for him, Fee, and Foo as an activity during their first sleepover. Harvey got the recipe from his Lil Miss Thang magazine. Charlie Gavin revealed the recipe in his promo image for the episode:[1]

Pink Sherry

Lemon-lime soda

Valu-Time Cherries (with stems)

Fill glass with lemon-lime soda and add cherry juice until beverage turns pink in color. Alternatively, pour cherry juice in bottom of glass before soda to help with mixing. Drop 3 cherries into the drink, leaving stems on cherries.

Chris Houghton revealed that originally the drink was going to be called a "Pink Lady," but when he and Charlie Gavin—who co-boarded the episode together—found out that a Pink Lady is an alcoholic drink, they made up the name "Pink Sherry."[2]