[The episode starts with the twins going onto Randl's Rentls]

Fee: Let's find something to cover up the smell of Harvey's new cologne.

Foo: Yeah, he really over did it.

Fee: Hm...[Brings out shoe] How about this. [Foo sniffs the shoe]

Foo: I'm getting hints of...shoe. [Sniffs again] And notes of...[puts face in it, deep inhale] Notes of socks.

Randl: Hey, quit poking in my merch. I've got my eye at you.

Fee: What? We're just smelling stuff. Don't be weird. [supplies fall] Scatter. [Both run of] Scatter. Scatter.

Randl: Hey hey! Get back here.

Meryl: Randl, take off your hat. You look ridiculous.

Randl: Aw come on, mom. Not right now!

Meryl: You know, when you were born-

Randl: Oh, here we go.

Meryl: You were terribly misshapen, and the nurses thought you were an old grapefruit. But now you have such a nice tub of your scalp. Don't hide it, girls love a boy with a scalp.

Randl: Mom, I don't need a girlfriend, I'm fine.

Randl's mom: Look look, you're very puffy in your face, you look abnormal.

Randl: Ooooh it's because you're irritating me! You're always needling me. You know what? I'm done. I just want some peace and qui-[Randl's mom hacking] Are you done there, or or or or or-[Continues hacking, scene cuts to title card while Randl's mom is hacking, scene cuts to Foo searching]

Foo: Oh, what's that smell? [Goes towards Randl's mom] Fee! I found something pungent.

Fee: Oh.

Randl's mom: Wha-

Fee: Foo, this is Randl's mom. She's not for rent.

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