Roddy Bock Bock
Roddy bock
Ego Plum
Length 1:11
"Roddy Bock Bock" is upbeat funk music played during the club party in "Nightclub Night".


Gonna rock
Gonna rock
Gonna gonna gonna gonna
Gonna gonna gonna gonna

Rock your body
And body your rock
And rock rock body body
Roddy bock bock

And body and a rock
And rock your body 
And bock bock bock
And a roddy roddy body

Gonna rock your body
And roddy your bock
And a roddy bock bock
And a bock bock bock

Can a body go rock
Rock rock body rock
Bok bok bok bok bok?

Bok bok bok bok bok...

A Word From the Composer

This is the horror of dance music through the eyes of Dade. (From the episode, “Nightclub Night”)

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