Roland Beaks Appearances Gallery
The Feelings (23)
Full Name Roland Beaks
Species Bird
Age Probably in his 50s or 60s
Family Unnamed wife
Irving Beaks (son)
Harvey Beaks (grandson)
Michelle Beaks (granddaughter)
Miriam Beaks (daughter-in-law)
Debut Comet Night? (photo cameo)
The Case of the Missing Pancake (debut)
Voice Blake Clark

Roland Beaks is Harvey Beaks' grandfather on his father's side.


Roland Beaks, despite his age, is rather muscular and has an eye-patch on his right eye. When Roland was younger he did not have the eye-patch implying he may have got some unknown injury to his eye at some point when Irving was growing up.


In his debut episode, Roland appeared to be a quiet and reserved man who shows little to no emotion.


  • In a Tumbler post, Greenblatt revealed that Roland's wife passed away a while back which would explain his depressed mood.