Steamburg is the first song sung in the "Steampunks" special. It is sung by Harvey as he praises his living in a vibrant and rich city called Steamburg.


Harvey: I'm just a little gear boy
Selling my gears, year after year
I'm not rich or big
I'm poor and I'm small
But who cares when I live in the best city of all


Every little cog and gear
Yes, every little pipe and valve
I love them all so dear
Every curly mustache has a smile
Cause in Steamburg you can't help it
Just be happy all the while!
There's gear and googles and
Googles and gears
And googles, googles, googles, googles, googles,
Googles and gears!
Look! There's a robot on the street.
He's made of cooper
Wow! That's really really really neat!

This wondrous place, where I belong
As long as I can stay here, nothing ever will go wrong!
You might say this genre's lame, but the steam it calls my name
And today this Steampunk city's going to FLY!
La, la, la, la, la, la ,la ,la, la!

Entire Town: When you're living here in Steamburg
It's like living in a dreamer
Every person is impassioned
With impractical old fashion
Is it the future?
Or the PAST?
Harvey: Who even cares, cause it's a BLAST!
Entire town and Harvey: Cause clearance will be our quest once
Our mayor makes his Steampunk city FLY!!!

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