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The Finger
The finger harvey
Ego Plum
Length 1:40

"The Finger" is a soundtrack played in the episode "The Finger".

A Word From the Chereomposer

One of my favorite cues I’ve written is the one that plays behind the scene where Miriam explains to Harvey that, “some things are just too big for us… and that’s okay.” This episode teaches us to accept those things we have no control over and to find peace in that idea. In my mind, I took it a step further and felt it was about dealing with our own mortality and the acceptance of death. Too heavy for a kid’s show? Maybe, but I still consider this to be one of the most beautiful episodes this season. Musically, I tried to find a balance between the sentimentality, sweetness, & optimism of that special moment with Harvey and his mom, while still sounding like the strange little world of Harvey Beaks. A young boy coming to terms with (and hopefully embracing) the impossible, improbable, and inevitable. I hope I was able to do the scene justice! -ep

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