[The episode starts with Foo holds a stick near his face, a ladybug walks across the stick and back while Foo breaths, and stares at it]

Ladybug: [A little scared] Please leave me alone. [Foo puts the stick down]

Foo: You're fun to hang with. [Ladybug walks across the stick a little, Foo puts bug in his mouth, sees Harvey, Rooter, and Technobear pass by on there bikes, Foo looks at Harvey's shiny bike] WHOA...

Rooter: Yeah! Woo!

Technobear: Oh yeah.

Harvey: [Seems to be go a bit slower than the others] Woo. [Bug holding a flower sees Harvey going by, runs out of the way, Front tire of Harvey's bike starts to go up] Here...We...GO! [Front tire lands] I got lift! [continues riding, Foo approaches Harvey, runs to catch up with him]

Foo: Hey Harvey.

Harvey: Hey Foo.

Foo: What are we doing? Running?

Harvey: Riding bikes. Want to join us? [Foo stops]

Foo:...YES! [All three stops]

Rooter: Uh, I don't know. I got enough cardio for one day.

Technobear: Yeah, I gotta go too. I've got a date with like, 50 ladies, so, you know I got to get ready. [Both ride away in an uncomfortable way]

Foo: Oh, Guess I'll just play with my stick. [Starts to walk away]

Harvey: No wait. You're my best friend. I would love to go bike riding with you.

Foo: Really?!

Harvey: Sure. So just grab your bike, and let's get a ride on.

Foo: I don't have a bike, so, I'm gonna have to hop on the back of yours. [Starts pulling pants down]

Harvey: [Looks away] Ugh, No, What are you doing?

Foo: I was getting ready to ride a bike. Duh.

Harvey: Uh, I think we need to get you you own bike.

Foo: Harvey. [Holds Harvey close] That would be amazing. [Scene cuts to title card, scene goes to Randl's Rentls]