We All Love Harvey
Old-Fashioned Dade (37)
Ego Plum
Length 1:12
(Starts at 0:31)
"We All Love Harvey" is a disco song sung by Dade, Fee, and Foo in "Old-Fashioned Dade". 


Dade: Let me apologize, let me explain.
'Cause I'm so sorry for everything.
I wanted Harvey to be my friend
But with you two in the way, it seemed our friendship might end.

Fee: Well, you're a doofus for thinking that was the case,
You really deserve another punch in the face!

Dade: AAH! But, now I know that I was wrong
And I was really hoping we could get along!
It hurt Harvey when I tried to hurt you

Both: So, for our buddy, I'll be your buddy too.

Foo: A-a-ah, A-a-ah, AAAAHHH!

All: We all love Harvey, and cause we do
I'll try to tolerate you!

We all love Harvey, and that's the truth
And so I'll put up with you!