Why Are You Even Friends?
Season 1, Episode 46
Why Are You Even Friends
Production Info
Production Code 123B
Written by Shane Houghton
Charlie Gavin
Chris Houghton
Directed by Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Storyboarded by Chris Houghton
Charlie Gavin
Broadcast Info
Airdate June 7, 2016
Ratings TBA

"Why Are You Even Friends?" is the forty-sixth episode of Season 1 of Harvey Beaks.[1]


As far as Dade is concerned, he and Harvey are totally best friends. When little signs start to give him doubts about his best-friend status, he sets out to prove they’re closer than two friends have ever been.




Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters

Goofs and Nitpicks

  • During the end credits, the word "We" takes place of "You" within this episode's title.


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